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Article: Which bulb should I choose for my light fixture?

Quelle ampoule choisir pour mon luminaire ?

Which bulb should I choose for my light fixture?

Several elements must be taken into consideration when choosing your bulbs in order to obtain economical and harmonious lighting. For example, care must be taken to choose the right color temperature, the right number of lumens, the right wattage and the right type of base.

Can you put an LED bulb on any light?

In general, you can put any LED bulb on your luminaire provided that the bulb respects the maximum power of the luminaire, in order to avoid overvoltage which could damage the product. To check the compatibility between your bulb and your luminaire, it is also necessary that the base of the bulb corresponds to the base of the luminaire. You can find this data on each of our product pages in the “technical characteristics” tab. If they are not listed, do not hesitate to contact us.

What are the criteria for choosing the right LED bulb?

Once you have checked the type of base and the maximum power of your luminaire, here are the criteria to take into account when choosing your bulb. First, think about the color of light you want. Indeed, the color temperature is an important choice, it will determine the atmosphere of your room, discover our guide on lighting temperatures . Secondly, choose the right number of lumens. The lumen is the total amount of light emitted by your bulb. It will therefore be necessary that the number of lumens is sufficient to illuminate the desired space.

How many lumens per m2 per room

For a bedroom, you will need an average of 400 lumens/m2 to properly illuminate your bedroom. For a living room, 500 lumens/m2. For a kitchen, 400 lumens/m2. For a bathroom, on average 500 lumens/m2. For a desk, 800 lumens/m2. Here is our selection of bulbs: - E27 14W LED bulb - E27 7W wired LED bulb - E14 6W dimmable LED bulb - Dimmable GU10 5W LED bulb

How many lumens for an exterior?

For a garden or a terrace, we recommend around 200 lumens/m2. Most of our luminaires consist of an integrated LED with the ideal amount of light for your exterior. If this is not the case, here is an example of bulbs that will be ideal for your outdoor lights: - E27 9W OSRAM LED bulb - E27 6W wired OSRAM LED bulb

Do LED bulbs consume a lot?

Rest assured, you are making a very good choice with LED bulbs. Their consumption is much lower than for an incandescent bulb. If in the past your bulb had to be 50W to illuminate properly, now with an LED bulb it will only consume 7W.

Can I replace my halogen bulb with an LED bulb?

Replacing an incandescent bulb with an LED bulb is usually very easy. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to seek the advice of an electrician.

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