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“We are here to enrich your development projects with unique and quality lighting fixtures.”

Our team, with significant experience and recognized expertise in the field of lighting, offers personalized support, answering all your questions and needs.

Summary of our services and benefits:
  • A single, dedicated contact person 7 days a week throughout your project
  • Personalized lighting study
  • Advice and expertise in lighting: decorative, technical, architectural, exterior and home automation
  • A wide choice of brands and products
  • Design of custom lighting
  • Adaptation and flexibility to budgetary constraints
  • International supply and delivery

Our commitments & values

Restaurants, residences, etc.


Decorative lighting is a key element of interior design, aiming to create a unique ambiance and enrich the aesthetic and identity of a space.

It combines style, color, materials and design to associate with an architectural style.

Offices, premises, shops, etc.


Technical lighting focuses on functionality and performance, ensuring efficient illumination adapted to the specific activities of a location.

This type of lighting is designed to combine energy saving, durability and compliance with safety and ergonomics standards.

Hotels, villas, monuments, etc.


Architectural lighting aims to highlight the structure and design of a building or space.

It emphasizes architectural lines, shapes and textures, playing on shadows and contrasts to enhance aesthetic elements.

Municipalities, public places, supermarkets, etc.


Tertiary lighting, dedicated to buildings and public spaces such as offices, schools, hospitals or shopping centers, aims to provide efficient, comfortable and safe lighting.

It is designed to meet the specific needs of these environments in terms of brightness, light quality and energy efficiency.

A project ?

Whatever the scale of your project, we support you and provide solutions. From a simple price request to complete monitoring from A to Z, our team guides you to make it a reality.

⏱️ Lighting project delivered in less than 10 days

Is your project urgent? We are able to deliver an offer within 24 hours and provide all the luminaires within 10 days for technical configuration.

💡 Hundreds of brands, thousands of products

A brand or model is not listed on our site? We work with ALL brands and manufacturers. For each study, we carry out sourcing to offer our client the best possible offer in terms of design, functionality, choice, alternatives and price.

✏️ Tailor-made for a unique and personalized creation

Do you want the lighting fixtures to be in the colors of your graphic charter (on RAL), with precise dimensions or with the desired characteristics? Profiles, rails, suspensions, spotlights, wall lights, floor lamps, all these products are fully customizable.

📄 Lighting study, 2D or 3D files, DiaLUX, AutoCAD

We deliver a detailed analysis aimed at defining the optimal lighting solution for a given space taking into account technical and aesthetic aspects, such as light intensity, light distribution, energy efficiency and visual impact. .

We provide all product files (2D, 3D, etc.) in the case of an external study.

🔍 Complete monitoring dedicated to your project

From your first contact until your lights are put into operation, you benefit from a dedicated expert 7 days a week, working with you and answering all your questions at each stage of your project.

🔑 Turnkey service

Need to schedule on-site delivery? We have the ability to store your entire order in order to organize a single delivery on a specific date.

We do not install the lighting fixtures but we advise qualified companies.

🌏 An international reach

We provide lighting projects worldwide. Thanks to our extensive network of partners and suppliers, as well as our logistics expertise, we are able to meet customer requests across different continents.

This global capability allows us to understand and adapt our services to the cultural and regulatory specificities of each country, thus guaranteeing innovative and personalized lighting solutions for a diverse international clientele.

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